Welcome to Dolce

Restaurant & Wine Bar - Westmont IL

Simple, Rustic, yet Refined, and anything but typical. Walk into Dolce and you're welcomed by the aromas from the open kitchen. You might notice the music, its contemporary, it's rock & roll, R&B, or soul. You'll definitely notice the wines, displayed on the wall like works of art. There are no white table cloths, no dabbing the corners of your mouth, no pomp, but lots of circumstance. And perhaps the only reason you noticed the aforementioned is because you haven't tasted our food. That's when the music fades into the background.

Our chefs are proud to be 'dismantling' the dining experience, replacing it with a sophisticated yet relaxed evening that doesnt break the bank. It's the best of both worlds, yet the food is our finest accomplishment to date. Inspired by whats great with a deep appreciation for each ingredient; grown at local sustainable farms, or produced and harvested by like-minded individuals. Dolce is rarely the same place twice.

With a love for great inspired food and a thirst for unique and thoughtful wine, cocktail and beer offerings. We hope our passion is palpable in every plate, sip, and bite. This isn't just dinner. It's a feast for your senses. It's a wonderful conversation. It's a night at Dolce. Cheers!

15 West Quincy St. Westmont, IL 60559